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{Editor’s note: This article was originally published by The Poynter Institute and The International Fact-Checking Network and is republished here with permission. We offer this to readers as …
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Last week, we asked our Facebook followers what they thought about mail-in voting. The answer was: a lot. Mirroring a conversation happening on a national scale, many responded that mail-in voting is …
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Letters to the editor
‘Would there have been a United States?’ and more

Letters to the editor September 24 to 30

'What’s become of us?' and more

Letters to the editor September 17 to 23

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Last month, the driver of a vehicle that killed Devin Zeininger and Justin Finkel as they walked along a Sullivan County Road was formally charged following a month-long Grand Jury investigation with …
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After World War II, the United Nations created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) for the advancement of certain freedoms considered fundamental to all people. Eleanor Roosevelt chaired …
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The race to destroy ourselves

Who will win the race to destroy mankind and the other creatures of the Earth? The nuclear powers or the populous countries that waited too long to confront the coronavirus? Nuclear weapons had a …

An American strawberry patch

Publisher’s Log: May 30, 2020 We have launched our first monthly conversation experiment. With the editorial “Moving the conversation forward” we proposed and tossed out the …

Musings on a Monday morning

Publisher’s Log: April 20, 2020 It’s a funny phenomenon. The pace of the day has increased. There is much to do. My day is over in a flash and when I think back that last Sunday was …