Caring for a feathered flock

NATIONWIDE — An antidote to the stresses of work and the fast pace of modern life may be closer than you realize. Whether on family farms or in urban backyards, chickens have the power to make …

As spring approaches, the coyotes emerge

REGION — The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issued guidance to help prevent conflicts between people and coyotes. Coyote sightings are likely to increase in the …

Four reasons why your office should go to the dogs

NATIONWIDE — Enticing workers to return to the office after months, or even years, of working from home or in a hybrid model is proving to be tricky for some businesses.  Incentives …

Tips to keep your cat happy and healthy

As a pet parent, you want to share family happiness with your feline family members. This means enjoying winter with your pets but also keeping them safe and comfortable so all can be happy. …

Blue Ridge Beef recalls pet food in NY, PA

Blue Ridge Beef recalls pet food in NY, PASTATESVILLE, NC — Blue Ridge Beef has recalled various lot numbers of Kitten Grind, Kitten Mix and Puppy Mix due to the possibility of contamination by …

Dog’s voice

Tethered to him by a leash But much more by our love We enjoyed our walks I would lead But I loved when he directed me around Our walks gradually …

Pet coverage from around the web

Creating a Pet-Friendly Palace

(Family Features) As much as you love your pets and work hard to make them part of the family, they're also a big responsibility. Part of that responsibility includes setting up your home so it's equal parts stylish (for you) and functional (for Fido).

Make Summer Travel with Pets Enjoyable and Seamless

(Family Features) For pet owners, cats and dogs are part of the family, which means when it's time to head out of town this summer, the four-legged friends get to come along, too.

Fact or Fiction? Discover the Truth about Canine Osteoarthritis and Available Treatment Options

Sunday, June 16
(BPT) - Has your dog been acting differently? Do they seem to be slowing down? What many pet owners don’t realize is that changes in …

Myths about dog wellness, debunked

Friday, May 24
Ollie (Inc) debunked common dog wellness myths using research studies and news articles from the AKC and the AAHA.
It’s important to take steps to ensure your pet stays cool, happy and healthy all summer long.

A Veterinarian’s Top Tips for a Safe, Fun Summer

Wednesday, May 22
by Dr. Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM, Chief Veterinarian at Petco (NAPSI)—Longer, warmer days often mean pets and pet parents are …

7 things your dog wants you to know about separation anxiety

Tuesday, May 14
(BPT) - Have you ever looked at your dog’s big sweet eyes and wondered, “What is going on inside your head?” If your answer is …

Little seed, big problem – keep an eye out for foxtail seed pods that can harm your pet this summer

Thursday, May 9
Across much of the United States, spring is in full force. With warmer weather, people are taking their furry family members out on …