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In spring, an old woman’s fancy doesn’t turn to thoughts of love (I’ve been in love with the same person for 46 years); it just rattles around loosely in her discombobulated brain. … more
Gently tapping, my Aunt Fanny! We were startled awake by a horrible banging that sounded as if our old pipes were exploding simultaneously throughout the house, too loud and close to be the … more
Tommy Ruttlesberry was excited. “They were lined up right over there by Smalltown Inn, you know? Maybe 15 all together carrying I don’t know how many Mexicans—or I don’t know … more
I have done my own research and I have uncovered what may be the most insidious, evil and vicious plot yet from the deep state, the Soros-Biden-Hillary-Pedophile-Steve Jobs-Hugo Chavez’ ghost … more
We weren’t going to bother using the free “Ski at Elk Mountain” PBS donation gift, because I had assumed Elk Mountain was a couple of hours away, like Shawnee or Camelback. I … more
At this time of year, whether you call it Solstice, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, New Year’s, Christmas, Yule or Kwanzaa—among other possibilities—we must ask ourselves again: is Hammacher … more
Is there any scenic, quaint and charming town in any impoverished drug-ravaged county in New York or Pennsylvania that doesn’t cry out for a curated cocktail/housewares store where you can buy … more
At our premarital counseling, the Rev. Butz peered at me and my soon-to-be-husband Mark and said, “You know, not having children is always an option.” We ignored his well meaning … more
Finding meaning through impactful and resilient conversation In today’s world, it’s crucial to engage in impactful and resilient conversation. The art of dialogue should be a … more
As I struggled once again with a drawer that refused to do what a drawer was supposed to—open and provide us with access to what we had stored in it—I hoped, i.e. grumbled and swore … more
The store within walking distance didn’t have the plastic birthday candle holders I needed to light candles on ice cream instead of on cake, so I took the car.  I wasn’t really … more
I have been asked about my writing process. Process is terribly important; anyone who dares put ink to paper or pixel to screen must have one.  My current process is to seat myself at my … more
We are having the bathroom painted.  Bathroom painting was one maintenance chore that as renters we had tried before. Our landlady had refused to be responsible when the … more
The last couple of months I have attempted to organize things. In general, this is not a good idea—a truth I had, in my amazingly deluded self-confidence, completely … more
Movie theater. Lights off, screen dark. Surround sound rises.  more
“Not now,” I scolded my intestines. “Bad timing.” more
“Welcome to The Living Women’s Shopping, Shopping, Shopping and Beauty All the Time Network’s episode of ‘Replenish and Rejuvenate,’ with your hosts, Vera and Aloe.” more
“Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen classic about five sisters out to nab husbands… the better to produce an heir to save the family farm.” more
Like many of my things, my house is a franken-house, patched together from disparate and not-always-compatible parts. The kitchen and first floor bedroom (a courtesy title bestowed by the selling real estate agent on a mud room) are a portion of the original 1880s house, some of which collapsed about 70 years ago. more
After reading the anti-ebike Atlantic magazine article, titled “Ebikes are Monstrous!” I dashed downstairs to my garage, but—whew! more
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Currently viewing stories posted within the past 2 years.
For all older stories, please use our advanced search.