Becoming visible: the Narrowsburg Women's March

NARROWSBURG, NY — Women, children and men gathered in solidarity with the people of Texas, in protest of their newly instituted abortion laws. The demonstration was greeted with honks and …

The vagaries of the little sulphur mayfly hatch

As a longtime angler, I’ve had trouble finding rising trout during almost every mayfly hatch that occurs each year along rivers in the Catskills. All species, it seems, provide their own set of …

Throwback Thursday

For those of you who don’t spend endless mind-numbing hours online (like me), it’s a thing. So much so that it’s even made it to The Google. “Throwback Thursday is an …

‘YES YES YES’ and more

What's going on in arts, leisure and community July 15 to 21

Honesdale’s 53rd Annual Summer of Events

HONESDALE, PA — After a year's hiatus, Honesdale’s 53rd Annual Summer of Events is back in full swing and sweet sounds filled Central Park once more. The event features free live music each Monday and Thursday throughout the summer.

Trick or Treat!

Though the festivities were different this year, Halloween 2020 still went on!