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New York State Sen. Todd Kaminsky and a host of colleagues have introduced legislation that shifts the responsibility and costs of recycling from municipalities to the producers of packaging and …
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The sheriff’s office police reform and reinvention survey would be a hoot—if it weren’t so seriously deficient. Out of a county of over 75,000, 362 responded to the 13-question …
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Letters to the editor
Ode to Dick Lehr

Ode to Dick Lehr Bernie Creamer wrote this when Dick retired from Highland Physicians. He is known as “Doctor Dick” far and wide,and our admiration for him is hard to hide.He has …

Callicoon Kiwanis annual penny social

Letters to the editor July 1 to 7

my view
Lily Pond, near Milford, mostly deciduous forest near the shoreline of the lake.
The Milford Aquifer concern is a 55-year-old generational problem.  We know where the aquifer is. We know the geological and hydrological function of an “unconfined” aquifer. We …
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The Catskills on a summer day.
A sea change is taking firm root in the Hudson Valley-Catskills region of New York State, fueled by ex-New York City residents who fled the COVID-19 pandemic-stricken Big Apple and are now infusing …
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Three memorable visitors

The Bible at the beginning of Genesis 18 records a scene of Abraham the Patriarch sitting at the opening of his tent just after having undergone his late-in-life ritual circumcision.


Ego refers to our identity. We carve out a slice of our personality and call it “my ego.” We blame bad behavior on the ego: “My ego dominated the discussion.” “My weak …

A coping plan for COVID and its aftermath

Much ink has been spilled on efforts to address the emotional and functional challenges of living through COVID and its now perceived aftermath.