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The latest hit to small-town journalism came in an unexpected form: local cops raiding the office of the Marion County Record and the home of its co-owners last Friday. Personal cell phones were …
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When I was young, A summer fish fry was a summer staple. Whenever the boys and men of the family Were successful in their pursuit of trout, bass or bullheads, A family fish fry would ensue. …
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Letters to the editor
'Right past wrongs' and other pleas

Vindication Last week, the best show in the county was to be seen on the second floor of the Monticello courthouse, where the case of Alvarez v. Doherty was heard.   Robert …

We have an impact on climate change, the future of the 19th Congressional District and more

September is Kinship Care Awareness Month Kinship care, which is part of the foster care system, helps children keep some familiar connections when they cannot stay with their birth …

my view
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As recently reported by WVIA, Times-Shamrock Communications has announced that it has sold its newspapers and related operations to Colorado-based MediaNews Group, which is owned by hedge fund Alden …
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When a friend asked that I watch the Sullivan County recording of its September 14 Health and Human Services meeting, I was reluctant. This past year I’d come to believe festering problems with …
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Golden Leo

We’re at the very end of LEO time now. In fact, when you read this, if I still have the indulgence of the River Reporter, Leo period will probably be over.  I blame it on Saturn, the …

Containing China

The Athenian general and historian Thucydides—whose experiences led to the Peloponnesian war between a strong Sparta and a rising Athens—surmised war is inevitable when an established existing power feels threatened by a new emerging power.

The hubris of Ron DeSantis

Great political leaders possess the unique ability to create dynamic legislation with members of the opposite party through compromise