Cold nights


"I'll take Fridays at work for $1,000, Alex."

Answer: "Things you say at 4:27 p.m. on Friday when you haven't written your weekly blog post.'

"What is CRAP?"

Well, now that I have that funny opening line taken care of, I think I need to write a little to get this done.

Cold week and a new camera left me out on Wednesday with freezing hands night beneath the full moon  (I forgot my gloves... it happens).

I blame my older daughter for this. She was on her way home from work and sent me a Snapchat. (It's that app that sends disappearing photos and messages.)

Hailey: Hey. WYD. (that's "what are you doing" for those of you older than 30). 

Me: uhhh... sitting by the stove. Why?

H: Go look at the moon

Me: Can't see the moon from here. It's not up high enough

H: (Sends a blurry photo of the moon)

Me: oh... shiii.... ok. Headed up the road. BRB

And so I hopped in the truck and drove a mile up the road to where the mountain flattens out and offers a view for miles around.

It was cold. According to the truck, a clear 20° with a breeze was what I was about to stand in.

I wasn't giving up though. I love the concept of nighttime photography, and with each camera I get just a little better at it. So, I set the camera down on the tailgate of my truck, hooked my phone to my camera via bluetooth and started tweaking settings, changing the focus and snapping photos. 

Some of them turned out blurry, some  I had no clue what I was even photographing... but then there were those couple that I managed to get crisp and clear shots.  I was really surprised when I got back inside by the woodstove and started flipping through them.

The blurry ones with the full moon had some photogenic qualities.  So, here in all their glory are a handful of moon photographs for your viewing pleasure. Maybe when my hands warm up a little more, I'll be able to post some more. 

Til next week!


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